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Here's what is in a Florida Gators football scholarship offer

Recruit Tyler Jordan gives us a look into exactly what a scholarship offer entails.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Florida commit Tyler Jordan is among the most active members of the Gators' 2015 recruiting class — itself maybe the tweetingest recruiting class Florida's ever assembled, half-finished though it is. Usually, that just means that when you follow Jordan, you see tweets beseeching other recruits to come to Florida, and/or whatever graphics fans have created or sent to him.

But this Friday, on the official start date of the NCAA's 2014-15 Bowl Subdivision Recruiting Calendar (PDF) he tweeted this picture of his official scholarship offer from Florida.

It's a good read, though you're going to have to squint if you want to see the full text there. Because I care about your eyesight, I saved you the squinting by transcribing the letter.

Dear Tyler:

It is with great honor that we offer you a full athletic scholarship in the sport of football here at the University of Florida. This letter confirms that you meet the preferred and required qualifications to be a Florida Gator. A full scholarship includes tuition, fees, room, board and books over your entire time as a student-athlete at the University of Florida. The coaching staff and I feel that you are an excellent fit for the University of Florida and are excited about the prospect of you becoming a lifetime member of the Gator Nation.

Below are more details regarding your scholarship offer:

  1. We have a limited number of scholarships. Given your verbal commitment to us, we are pleased to provide a scholarship to attend the University of Florida once you sign a 2015 National Letter of Intent, confirming your commitment.

  2. You must meet the minimum initial eligibility and amateurism requirements of both the NCAA and the University of Florida in order to validate your offer.

  3. This offer is for a multi-year scholarship, extending the duration of your time as a student-athlete at the University of Florida.

  4. In the event of a criminal arrest or conviction of a criminal offense prior to enrollment, and even once enrolled, we reserve the right to rescind your scholarship offer.

  5. Prior to enrollment, and even once enrolled, in the event of an incapacitating football-related injury, a full medical scholarship will be awarded for the remainder of your eligibility, provided you adhere to Florida Football's code of conduct, the University of Florida's student code of conduct, the University of Florida's academic requirements and the NCAA continuing eligibility requirements.

At the University of Florida, we are interested in young men of high character who are relentlessly pursuing excellence both on and off the field. We look forward to your progression as a student-athlete during your final year in high school and your contribution to the University of Florida in the future.

Please contact myself of our coaching staff if you have any questions regarding your scholarship offer.

Go Gators!

(Signed) Will Muschamp Head Football Coach

Nothing in there is really out of the ordinary: We've known that Florida provides multi-year scholarships for a while now, known that scholarship offers are really contingent on signing National Letters of Intent instead of mere verbal commitments, and known that schools make it very clear that recruits can lose scholarships over criminal acts. The item about being guaranteed a scholarship in the event of medical disability related to football might be new, but it's not like that hasn't been part of college football for a long while.

But this letter is a reminder that a scholarship is no gift — it's a contract that provides privileges in return for services. That's worth remembering.