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Florida's 48 for 2014, No. 35: 35 and whoa

When Florida can score, Florida is usually close to unbeatable.

Sam Greenwood

Kurt Roper's arrival in Gainesville brings with it the promise of more production on offense — and more points.

Those points will obviously do all the things that points are supposed to do in football games — keeping the Gators in contests early, allowing them to come back from deficits, perhaps allowing backups to enter games late in blowouts — but they will, most importantly, help the Gators win.

And when Florida has scored 35 points in its history, Florida has almost always won.

Florida last lost when scoring 35 points in the 2008 Capital One Bowl, in which Michigan put up 41 points to down the Gators by a 41-35 margin. Since that game, Florida is 29-0 when scoring at least 35 points.

The Gators had been undefeated when scoring 35+ since 2001 entering that game. 2000 produced Mississippi State 47, Florida 35, and 1999 gave us Alabama 40, Florida 39, but those were the second and third such losses of Steve Spurrier's tenure at Florida, and the first was a 38-35 loss to undefeated Auburn in 1993.

And prior to Spurrier's arrival, Florida simply never lost when it scored big. That 1993 loss wasn't just Florida's first loss when scoring 35 or more points under his leadership — it was the first such loss in school history. To rephrase that: Over more than a century of football, Florida has lost just four times when scoring 35 or more points.

If Florida gets to 35 or more points in games in 2014 — and it will — there will be good reason to relax.