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Updated: The Kurt Roper Challenge

An updated look at the Kurt Roper Challenge spreadsheet.

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

The Kurt Roper Challenge has been open for just over a week now and we've got plenty of great guesses on the record. If you happened to miss what we're doing with this, feel free to check it out. I'm sure there are a few of you out there who still haven't officially entered a number yet.

Here's what I've got so far:

Username Dollars Per Yard
thelitagator $121.36
Neil Shulman $147.06
The Commentator Formerly Known as Not You $128.20
DaveDaGator $126.26
GatorJustin $125
HokieDawg $142.86
Gators $119.45
gatordpt $131.23
Charles UF $123
CAeveryday $119.05
Zach H $121.95
Gator Mike $118.76
Aristocrat Gator $111.11
Jon Heist $129.20
skigator $142.45
JSN $132.16
DaGata $126.23
CanWeBeMature $117.65
Emptyspiral19 $120.48
leligator $128.53
BDoc $133.02
Gatornoggin $120
CKGator $135
gatorempire127 $133.04
IronBrendan $105.93
trinidude $131.58
JB Gator $140.85
thomas.nassiff $130.90
ScattyLight $160.26
OaklandGator $108.70
thekiltedwonder $99.99
Quarterback McFootball $103
Master Oogway $122.22
GatorEnginerd $123.46
g8rs427 $120.70
Mad Man with a Box $123.45
mfgator79 $115.39
AgriGator $103.09
Swamp Thwomp $116.96
Boozy McHound $138.12
Chekov's Spread Gun Option $119.62
Gatorgirl22 $119.36

We've got a lot of guesses that are very close to other guesses. This should be interesting as the closest ending number wins! And just remember that contrary to popular belief, I have been known to make mistakes, so if you feel like I've made one or missed your entry just let me know. I'll make the necessary changes as soon as possible.

If you haven't entered yet, there is still a bit of time left for you to get your entry in. Entry is closed as soon as the Gators kick things off with the Vandals here in a couple of weeks.