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Florida football recruiting: Gators get bigger (again) with monstrous Brandon Sandifer

Florida will not be lacking for size on the offensive line if the 2015 class it is building pans out.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Florida's 2015 recruiting class hasn't congealed quite as quickly as it might have if the Gators were in a state of reduced flux. But one thing Florida has done well is load up on the offensive line — and in massive Georgia lineman Brandon Sandifer, who committed to Florida late Wednesday, the Gators are getting another load of a lineman.

Sandifer is listed at 6'4" and 335 pounds by 247Sports, 6'3" and 332 pounds by Rivals, and 6'4" and 348 pounds by ESPN; all three services, and the 247Sports Composite, rank him as a three-star player, but his size is his standout quality at the moment.

He uses it well.

Sandifer's playing tackle in the above highlights — he'll probably be a guard at Florida — but you can see that he stones or crushes his assignment, with the difference between the two outcomes depending on whether he engages those assignments when or before they're ready to take him on. Granted, it's highlight tape, and Sandifer's simply bigger and stronger than most high school defenders, but he is a mauler, and not someone who is likely to have issues with strength and power at the collegiate level.

The one major concern with Sandifer, though, is the flip side of having that power: He's probably a little overweight, and will probably take a redshirt year to reshape his body. But if he's overweight for now, so be it: For a lineman, losing weight is often easier than gaining weight, and one need look no further than Florida's struggles with getting Xavier Nixon and D.J. Humphries to ideal playing weights to see that gaining weight can be a multi-year process in a way that losing it is not, especially in a college strength program.

Sandifer is Florida's 11th commit in the 2015 recruiting class, and joins center Tyler Jordan, tackle George Brown, Jr., and guard (or defensive tackle) Mike Horton to form a formidable four-man group of linemen. With Sandifer's commitment, Florida may have filled its quota for interior linemen in 2015, though the Gators will still pursue tackles Martez Ivey and Isaiah Prince, and tackle/guard hybrid Jalen Merrick.