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Videos: Kurt Roper praises Jeff Driskel, Gators talk to media

Florida's offensive coordinator and several lesser-known players spoke to the media on Tuesday.

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

Florida offensive coordinator Kurt Roper and a handful of players spoke to the media on Tuesday. Here are the videos:

Kurt Roper

Three worthwhile quotes to pull out:

  • "There's one guy in the world that can take Jeff Driskel's confidence from him, and it's Jeff Driskel."
  • "We'll use two (quarterbacks) if they earn the right, but it really comes down to 'How does it help us win?'"
  • "Sometimes production isn't making a play, but not making a bad play worse."

Roper says plenty more, and talks for nearly 20 minutes — Coaching Search found his quotes about Chris Leak compelling, but they didn't really stand out to me. If you don't find him to be a generally amiable and bright guy after watching this interview, I'd be really curious as to why.

Tyler Moore, Darious Cummings, Brian Poole, Bryan Cox, Jr., Antonio Morrison

There's honestly not a lot here, and some of it's thanks to how low everything is mixed or mic'd (fix that, please, GatorVision). I'm pretty sure this is the first time Moore's met with media outside of a Media Day setting, I'm pretty sure Brian Poole isn't gonna get too many more interviews, and I find it interesting how devoted Antonio Morrison is to his "I just wanna win" line.