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Florida Gators projected depth chart: The return of Jeff Driskel and restoration of health

Florida's projected depth chart for 2014 looks better than its last ones in 2013, that's for sure.

Stacy Revere

The last time the Florida Gators put out a depth chart (PDF), it included Skyler Mornhinweg OR Tyler Murphy, Marcus Roberson, and Ian Silberman as starters.

It's been a while, in other words.

Fortunately, Florida should be releasing a depth chart for the 2014 season soon (I'd guess Monday), and the depth chart is going to look much, much better, both because the Gators have more talent to throw on it, and because the players who rolled off last year's version with injuries are restored to (nearly) full health.

This is our first swing at one for this fall, and it's bound to be wrong: We don't even know for sure which positions will be listed on offense under Kurt Roper, and don't know how many strings will be listed.

Offensive Depth Chart

Position First Team Second Team Third Team
Quarterback Jeff Driskel Treon Harris OR Will Grier
Running back Kelvin Taylor Mack Brown Brandon Powell
B position Matt Jones Hunter Joyer
X receiver Quinton Dunbar Ahmad Fulwood
Z receiver Demarcus Robinson Chris Thompson Latroy Pittman
Slot receiver Alvin Bailey Andre Debose C.J. Worton
Tight end Jake McGee Clay Burton Tevin Westbrook
Left tackle D.J. Humphries Trenton Brown
Left guard Tyler Moore Trip Thurman
Center Max Garcia Drew Sarvary
Right guard Trenton Brown Trip Thurman
Right tackle Chaz Green Roderick Johnson

I am least confident about slot receiver and tight end, if only because I'm pretty sure that there's no sure starter at slot receiver right now (Thomas Goldkamp says Latroy Pittman, but he hasn't impressed me in practices) and because Will Muschamp mentioned Burton before McGee when talking about tight ends earlier this week, but I do think I've got the likely starter at each position there.

Defensive Depth Chart

Position First Team Second Team
End Jonathan Bullard Gerald Willis
Nose Leon Orr Jay-nard Bostwick
Tackle Darious Cummings Joey Ivie
Buck Dante Fowler, Jr. Alex McCalister
Sam Neiron Ball Jeremi Powell
Mike Antonio Morrison Jarrad Davis
Will Michael Taylor Daniel McMillian
RCB Vernon Hargreaves III J.C. Jackson
LCB Brian Poole Jalen Tabor
Safety Keanu Neal Marcus Maye
Safety Jabari Gorman Duke Dawson
Nickel Marcus Maye J.C. Jackson
Dime Jalen Tabor OR J.C. Jackson

The defense, though? The defense is a crapshoot, especially on the back end.

Bullard-Orr-Cummings-Fowler makes the most sense up front, and I think I've got their backups right. Ball-Morrison-Taylor is the logical set of linebackers, but I'm far less certain on their backups.

In the secondary, though, I may as well be throwing darts: I think Poole's got a slight edge on Tabor for Florida's second spot at corner, but Jackson's in the mix, too; Neal is one safety, and Gorman probably the other, but the rest of the names are really just guesses; Maye is Florida's starting nickel back if healthy, but I don't know who his backup would be; the dime position might just be about trying to get a sixth DB on the field, which makes me think that Tabor and Jackson should hold it down.

Special Teams Depth Chart

Position First Team Second Team
Kicker Austin Hardin OR Frankie Velez
Punter Kyle Christy OR Johnny Townsend
Kick returner Andre Debose Chris Thompson
Punt returner Demarcus Robinson Vernon Hargreaves III
Holder Kyle Crofoot Jeff Driskel
Long snapper Drew Ferris Kyle Crofoot

I bet Florida punts (no pun intended) on naming outright starters at kicker and punter, and lets them continue their competition through the first two games of the season. I think Hardin and Christy, who both have slightly bigger legs than their competition, hold edges, if only at the moment.

Debose should be Florida's only kick returner, to the point that kick return formations are about getting him 10 blockers, but I guess I have to list another. I really do think D-Rob might be the starting punt returner; either him or VH3 there is going to be cause for grousing, but they're both agile and decisive, and have great hands.

Florida's lucky to have a dedicated holder, and I think Crofoot's staying there, but I noticed Driskel taking snaps as a holder in one practice, so he gets the No. 2 spot.

What do you think of this stab at a depth chart? Where am I dead-on, and where am I bound to be wrong? I'll be in the comments.