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Florida vs. Idaho: Previewing the Gators' opener with the first Chomp Chat podcast

We have a podcast! (Sort of!)

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Some of you have been asking about whether there could be an Alligator Army podcast. Now there is, sort of: I'm happy to announce and share the first episode of the Chomp Chat podcast, which will run on Tuesdays this fall and discuss all things Florida football.

This is the brainchild of Lucas Dolengowski, president of the Men's Basketball Rowdies, contributor of the Rally in The Swamp piece you read yesterday, and host of The Cheap Seats on WRUF, and he brought in Scott Francis of Our Two BitsMorgan Moriarty of The Alligator and Saturday Down South and a half-dozen other things, and li'l ol' me to hang out with him. We're going to be taping on Monday nights, and may end up taping live — so we can take callers — but I wasn't able to get into the studio for the first episode. (That'll change.)

Instead, I chimed in on the phone for the 90 minutes of our mega-sized Florida football preview show, which runs down the Gators from position to position, breaks down what we think is likely to happen during the schedule — sorry, Kentucky — and (briefly) previews Idaho, which allows me to talk about Bam Hardmon.

This first episode is long, but it was a ton of fun to help with, and Lucas has done a lot of work to make this happen, so, for no other reason than that, you should give it a listen when you get a chance. The embedded player below should work, and there's a download button on it if you want the MP3. (I know we're going to try to make this a podcast you can subscribe to, too, but we're not there yet.)

And, obviously, your feedback is welcome in the comments.