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Florida's 48 for 2014, No. 19: The Stop and Pop

Yeah, it's blurry. So what? Magic is hard to capture on camera.

I don't think I've ever seen a more impressive athletic play than Ike Hilliard stopping himself with two steps — one basically a jab step executed on turf instead of parquet — and making two Florida State defenders miss, then all but jogging into the end zone for a touchdown in a de facto national championship game.

For fun, try recreating this play sometime in your backyard, or in a park. Try skying to catch a pass at its high point eight feet up in the air, while two defenders converge on you. Try to stop yourself: See how many steps it takes to do it safely, and just concede that your health — in particular, the health of your knees — is more important than working out this theory in practice. Try to outrun everyone chasing you after coming to a full stop.

You won't be able to do any of it.

Ike did all of it.