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Last Call: The Kurt Roper Challenge

It's finally time for some Florida Gators football! Which means it's also the last chance to get in on the Kurt Roper Challenge.

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

Well, boys and girls, it's that time of the year again. The Florida Gators kick things off against the Idaho Vandals at 7:00pm ET and we couldn't be more ready. That also means it's the final chance to get in on the 2014 Kurt Roper Challenge. The deadline is kickoff and I know there are a few of you out there who haven't officially entered yet.

If for some reason you're not familiar with what were doing with this, here's a post about the rules, regulations and everything else you'll need to get involved. But for now, here is the list of those who have entered:

Username Dollars Per Yard
wtUF $1
thekiltedwonder $99.99
Quarterback McFootball $103
AgriGator $103.09
IronBrendan $105.93
OaklandGator $108.70
Aristocrat Gator $111.11
mfgator79 $115.39
ScattyLight $115.84
JB Gator $116.01
Swamp Thwomp $116.96
CanWeBeMature $117.65
Gator Mike $118.76
CAeveryday $119.05
Gatorgirl22 $119.36
Gators $119.45
Chekov's Spread Gun Option $119.62
Gatornoggin $120
Emptyspiral19 $120.48
g8rs427 $120.70
thelitagator $121.36
Zach H $121.95
Master Oogway $122.22
Charles UF $123
Mad Man with a Box $123.45
GatorEnginerd $123.46
GatorJustin $125
DaGata $126.23
DaveDaGator $126.26
skigator $127.44
whambam $127.55
The Commentator Formally Known as Not You $128.20
leligator $128.53
Jon Heist $129.20
thomas.nassiff $130.90
gatordpt $131.23
trinidude $131.58
JSN $132.16
BDoc $133.02
gatorempire127 $133.04
CKGator $135
Boozy McHound $138.12
HokieDawg $142.86
Neil Shulman $147.06

Remember, you've got until kickoff to change your guess or enter the contest. Exceptions will be made if it is deemed that I've missed one or made a mistake, which is why the time stamp in the comments is a great tool.