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Watch Will Muschamp's priceless response to a fan tweeting about punching him in the face

I love Coach Boom.

The idea of celebrities reading dumb tweets is old, and one of the few truly great ideas Jimmy Kimmel's ever had, but it turns out that it's an even better idea for college football coaches. The coaches are even more bullshit intolerant than Big Sean is, and the tweets from the deranged fans are real.

So ESPN's first Coaches Read Mean Tweets segment was golden, and included Will Muschamp's response to this tweet...

Now, I'm not saying Muschamp wants to meet this guy in a dark alley and see if he's a man of his word, but I am saying I'm entirely comfortable with people who get publicly threatened with violence publicly saying the equivalent of "YOU WON'T."

Then again, I also approved of Muschamp telling the more unhinged Florida fans to "get a grip" last fall ... and the tweeter in question here isn't even a Florida fan.

Also, if GatorZone doesn't spend time looking for mean tweets to do this with Muschamp (and some good-humored players) during Florida's bye week, they're gonna squander an awesome opportunity.