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Florida vs. Idaho: Demarcus Robinson, Darious Cummings, Jay-nard Bostwick suspended

Three minor suspensions to note for Florida's season opener.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Florida announced the suspension of three players, one of them a starter, for its season opener against Idaho in a GatorZone release Saturday afternoon.

"Jay-nard Bostwick and Darious Cummings will not play due to a violation of team rules and Demarcus Robinson will miss the game due to a university sanction that is now resolved," (Will) Muschamp said. "I support the university sanction. We have rules here that we have to follow -- team, athletic department and university rules -- and when you don’t follow them there are consequences.

"I expect all three players to return next week."

Cummings and Bostwick were the top two nose tackles on the depth chart Florida released Tuesday, and Cummings, in particular, is a rather large loss for a defensive line that was leaky up the middle in 2013. Bostwick redshirted last season and is expected to be a rotation tackle for the Gators.

Without either player, I think Florida's likely to shift Leon Orr to nose tackle and shift Jonathan Bullard to Orr's defensive tackle position. Bryan Cox, Jr. could start in Bullard's place at end, and second-team defensive tackle Joey Ivie should also see significantly more reps — he was already going to be Florida's first defensive lineman off the bench.

Robinson, meanwhile, is listed behind Quinton Dunbar on the depth chart at the X (or primary) receiver position, and is expected to be a major contributor in Florida's passing game in 2014. He was suspended for the final two games of Florida's 2013 season for a violation of team rules after being suspended for the Gators' game against Tennessee for ... a violation of team rules.

Thus, the penalties being assessed here — Cummings and Bostwick serving one-game suspensions, and Robinson serving the third game of a three-game suspension spread over two seasons — are consistent with the penalties assessed for the second and third violation of Florida's policy for drug use by student-athletes.

Florida being without these three players makes beating Idaho marginally harder, but, in all honesty, I'm not surprised or dismayed by any of these suspensions, especially because I believe Robinson's is a leftover sanction from 2013. Players all over college football fail drug tests with more frequency than you could even imagine, and those suspensions are not always even disclosed; they are disclosed as suspensions for violations of team or university drug policy even less often.

And I just can't get all that worked up over recreational drug use anymore. There's an argument that college football players should know better, and it's a good one, but college students generally don't — and they don't have piss tests to take with the same frequency, unless they have jobs. (And playing football isn't a "job," right?)

If you're the type to freak out about this sort of thing, feel free to do so.

I won't be joining you.