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Weather 1, Florida and Idaho 0: Gators season opener canceled due to inclement weather

After nearly nine months of waiting for the 2014 season to start, the Florida Gators sat through a nearly four-hour rain delay only to find out that the rain won.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When it rains, it pours.

The bad taste left in the mouths of everybody associated with the Florida Gators football program will be there just a little bit longer. The Gators' much-anticipated 2014 season opener against the Idaho Vandals has been "terminated due to inclement weather and unsafe playing conditions." The first reports of lightning in the area began just about a hour before the scheduled kickoff time of 7:00 p.m., and the lightning continued over the next two hours.

There was a bit of action, though, as the game did eventually get underway at 9:45 p.m., with the Gators receiving the opening kickoff. Valdez Showers received the kick and promptly returned it 65 yards, deep into Vandal territory before getting tackled and sliding over 10 feet out of bounds. Play was then quickly halted as both the Gators offense and Vandal defense lined up for the next play, and SEC referee Matt Moore ordered the teams back inside the stadium due to another lightning strike.

After another hour and a half of waiting, the game was finally canceled.

We'll have further updates as we get them about the possibility of rescheduling, but as of this writing reports are that Florida and Idaho will talk within the coming days about all that.

Update, 11:28pm: Per multiple reports, it has been announced that if the game were to in fact be rescheduled it will start over from the beginning.

Update II, 11:40pm: From the NCAA rulebook per @RagjUF, the Gators have four options: 1) Resume at later date. 2) Terminate the game with a determined final score. 3) Forfeit of game. 4) Declare no contest.

Update III, 11:47pm: Per @Goldkamp247: There will be no game tomorrow (Sunday).

Update IV, 12:31am: Disregard the first update. The SEC has clarified that ruling and is now stating that if the game were to be rescheduled it would begin with where things left off.