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Florida Gators 2014 fall practice: Jeff Driskel leads player press conferences

Jeff Driskel being set apart from the rest of Florida's offense and a few sophomores making their first media appearances are the takeaways.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

After Will Muschamp spoke to media on Sunday for Florida's preseason Media Day — which appears for the moment to have done the impossible, by placating writers with copious access to players — his players took their turns talking to the media.

Jeff Driskel


Ahmad Fulwood, Kelvin Taylor, Jake McGee, Quinton Dunbar, Andre Debose, Max Garcia and Matt Jones


Jarrad Davis, Keanu Neal, Vernon Hargreaves, Jonathan Bullard, and Dante Fowler

I'm not going to lie and tell you that I've watched all of these so far, because I haven't, but I do think it's interesting that Driskel's interview is broken out, if only because that means Driskel won't be hiding within the context of the offense while speaking for it this fall — something his selection as the only member of Florida's offense to represent the Gators at SEC Media Days probably should've told us.

Also interesting, in case you care about these things: This is the first time Jarrad Davis, Ahmad Fulwood, and Keanu Neal have been made available to the media this fall, after spending their freshman years off limits and being minimally available in the spring. I would be very surprised if Davis, at least, does not make another appearance before the media this fall.