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Chomping at Bits: Will Muschamp likes rule change, Debose and Driskel are ready

They'll be no top five or greatest list in today's Chomping at Bits, but we've got plenty of other links and news items to keep you busy in the meantime.

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The Gators' comeback kids: I'm sure that Andre Debose and Jeff Driskel will be just fine this year. Finally. (Zach Abolverdi, The Gainesville Sun)

Receivers ready to step up: It's been like half a decade, but sure, why not now? (Jesse Simonton, Miami Herald)

Will Muschamp a fan of new NCAA rule: The NCAA changed a rule last year allowing for minimal contact (eight hours per week between with enrolled student-athletes) during the summer moths. It has helped with the installation of Kurt Roper's offense. (Jesse Simonton, Miami Herald)

Gators' first open practice is Thursday: It's the first one of eight and it begins a little after 7:30 p.m. ET. (Garry Smits, The Florida Times-Union)

Gators pushing for linebacker: They are looking to sign a big linebacker class this go-around. Nothing wrong with that. (Andrew Spivey, GatorCountry)

Grantland's SEC preview: The Gators are even mentioned a couple of times in a positive light! And it's written by an old SB Nation EDSBS friend. (Holly Anderson, Grantland)

Former Gator Speights charged with DUI: In Tampa. (The Associated Press)

The Kurt Roper Challenge: I've still got to update the last couple of entries, but so far so good. If you haven't checked it out, you should do so. (FlaGators, Alligator Army)

Wendy's pretzel bacon cheeseburger: One of the better fast food burgers is back!

Danny Snyder: 'Atta boy.

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