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Florida Gators 2014 fall practice: What do you want to know?

You have questions. I want to provide answers.


Florida will have seven open practices 1 over the next two weeks as it spends August in its fall preseason camp, and I will be at all seven of them, no doubt tweeting up a storm and "enjoying" the summer heat while getting first glimpses at the full complement of Gators. I know the questions and things I'm curious about, obviously, and I think I have a pretty decent sense of what you all want to know.

But it can't hurt to ask, right?

So I turn this over to you: What do you want to know? What questions do you want to be tracked on a daily basis? What players do you want me to keep my eyes on? Should I keep track of how many times Travaris Robinson says something funny? (Okay, I'm doing that anyway.)

When I write that the comments are yours, I mean it. You have the power to shape, in part, how I cover this fall practice. Lemme know how best I can serve you.


  1. Good thing it wasn't four open practices. We'd never hear the end of four open practices in the eighth month.