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Chomping at Bits: Gators gear up for Kentucky, Robinson aims to get better on, off field

Chomping at Bits looks at Demarcus Robinson's improvements on and off the field, Clay Burton, the offense as a whole and movies. Specifically Patrick Swayze movies.

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Demarcus Robinson grows on and off the field: In his second year he is beginning to figure it all out. Hopefully. (Nick de la Torre, GatorCountry)

And Robinson's idol is Jacquez Green: And Green is behind the defense! (Edgar Thompson, SwampThings/Orlando Sentinel)

Clay Burton's role increased: He's only going to become more and more important as the season rolls on with Jake McGee out for the season. (Jordan McPherson, The Independent Florida Alligator)

Kurt Roper still wants increased tempo: He'd like the average to go from a snap at 14 seconds on the play clock to 18 seconds remaining. (Jesse Simonton, Miami Herald)

Mark Herndon unsure if moment would come: And what a moment it was. (Scott Carter, Carter's Corner/GatorZone)

David Sharpe back to a reserve roll: With D.J. Humphries out for a couple of weeks, Chaz Green will slide over to left tackle and Rod Johnson will take over at right tackle. (Garry Smits, The Florida Times-Union)

Kentucky running back JoJo Kemp says Kentucky will win: Even though I think it's an easy call to make in that the Wildcats are better than ever in terms of overall talent, I just don't see it. (Edgar Thompson, Swamp Things/Orlando Sentinel)

Florida State: Karma?

Ray Rice: Should have voluntarily sat out the year and donated his pay.

Ray Rice II: Completely unacceptable behavior. By all the parties involved, but obviously by him first and foremost.

Let's Be Cops: Not the funniest movie overall but it  sure does have some great lines/parts.

Red Dawn: I watched the remake last night for the first time only because it's on Netflix. It's OK.

Speaking of remakes: I really wish Hollywood would stop it with the remakes and the comic book movies.

Top Five Swayze movies: He's got a lot of great movies out there but...

  • 1) Next of Kin
  • 2) Point Break
  • 3) Road House
  • 4) North and South - Even though it's technically a miniseries...
  • 5) Black Dog

I'll admit that I've never seen Ghost. But you can go ahead and say Dirty Dancing, Red Dawn, Donnie Darko and The Outsiders. And if you don't want to count North and South because it's a miniseries, substitute any of the above movies that you'd like in its place.

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