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Watch: Florida's fantastic "Gators Always" pregame hype video

Florida's "Gators Always" campaign is 2-for-2.

I don't have much to add to 160over90's fantastic "Gators Always" hype video, because you can get goosebumps all by your damn self by clicking play above, but I did transcribe it.

What makes us rise?

Why do we raise our voices as one?

When did you learn the salute, right over left, arms locked at the elbows, 'til it burned in our joints and in our hearts?

Each one of us remembers when we felt it the first time, when you looked up and down those bleachers and saw 90,000 saluting alongside you.

When you first saw ... a Gator.

Before long, it became a pilgrimage. First wearing 22, then 7, then 15.

(VO from Tebow's "60 minutes for the rest of our lives" speech)

We woke up not in bedrooms, but in shrines.

We weren't just cheering for a game, or a win. We were rooting for something in ourselves.

An acknowledgement. A realization.

When you rise up and beat the sun to the punch, day after day, you accomplish something greater than a number on a scoreboard.

You become ... a Gator.

(Muschamp: "You played together! You played for each other!")

That's why we stand together on Saturdays. We stand to watch our Orange and Blue take on adversity ... and knock the grin from its face.

We stand to understand, once again, what it means to be...

A Gator.


As the comments below note, this video now plays among the (many) before Florida takes the field.