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Florida vs. Eastern Michigan: Reviewing 25 predictions

Hey! Many of these were right!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It's nice to start the year by getting predictions right for a change...

  1. Florida will receive the ball to begin the game.
    Wrong. Eastern Michigan received.
  2. Florida will score in the first quarter.
    Right. Scored 17 points, in fact.
  3. Florida will lead by double digits in the first quarter.
  4. Jeff Driskel will take every snap at QB for Florida in the first quarter.
    Wrong. Treon Harris came in briefly, running a Wildcat snap for one yard.
  5. Treon Harris will take more than five snaps at QB for Florida in the second quarter.
    Wrong. Harris didn't actually play a snap at QB in the second quarter, even after two weeks of coaches saying they wanted to get him in the game in the second quarter.
  6. A Florida QB will throw at least one interception.
    Wrong. No picks on the day.
  7. Kelvin Taylor will be Florida's leading rusher.
    Right. But juuuust barely: Taylor had 68 yards to Matt Jones's 65.
  8. Taylor will not have Florida's longest run of the day.
    Right. Mack Brown had a 47-yard carry that was the day's long.
  9. At least five Florida players will have carries for positive yardage.
    Right. Try eight.
  10. Quinton Dunbar will finally make a touchdown catch. (Yep. Still. Screw it.)
    Wrong. Whatever.
  11. Gators receivers will combine for more than 10 catches.
    Right. How about this stat? Florida WRs combined for 20 catches, despite Clay Burton's biggest day ever.
  12. A Florida tight end will make a catch. (A holdover, this one.)
    Right. Burton had seven. Seven!
  13. Florida will score more than 40 points.
  14. Florida's defense will allow under 4.2 yards per play.
    Right. A 2.3 yards per play was all Florida allowed.
  15. Florida's defensive line will have at least three sacks.
    Wrong. Florida had three sacks, but Alex McCalister produced the only one by a DL.
  16. Florida will allow fewer than five plays of more than 20 yards.
    Right. Florida allowed ... zero.
  17. Michael Taylor will lead Florida in tackles.
    Right. Tying Taylor: Neiron Ball outta nowhere. Both LBs had six total tackles.
  18. Vernon Hargreaves III will not record an interception.
    Right. Weird to bet against VH3 and be right.
  19. Florida will force at least one fumble.
    Right. Florida only got credited with two forced fumbles on the day, but Eastern Michigan had four.
  20. Florida will make a big play on special teams.
    Right. Thanks, Dre.
  21. Florida will outgain Eastern Michigan by at least 200 yards.
    Right. Florida outgained Eastern Michigan by 530 yards.
  22. Florida will not win by shutout.
    Wrong. Awww, dammit.
  23. Florida will win.
    Right. Easiest pick.
  24. There will be at least one weather delay.
    Wrong. YAY.
  25. We'll still have a few things to complain about.
    Right. Jake McGee's injury has to count here, right?

Last Week: 17 right, eight wrong (68 percent)

Year to Date: 17-for-25 (68 percent)