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Audio: Will Muschamp calls Gator Hotline as "Bill from Gainesville," jokes with Jeremy Foley

"Bill from Gainesville" wants a new guy to take over the Gator Hotline.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

This Thursday, Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley took over Will Muschamp's usual duties as the figure being interviewed by Mick Hubert on Florida football's weekly call-in show, the Gator Hotline.

And Foley did such a good job that one caller — "Bill from Gainesville" — rang up the Gator Hotline to suggest a new permanent host. Here's the audio, via Scott Carter.

For the uninitiated: John Calipari pulled a similar stunt in August, calling national radio host Mike Francesca's show as "John from Kentucky" to defend his coaching acumen. The differences, as I hear them, are 1) that Cal was trying to defend himself, whereas Muschamp is needling his boss and 2) that Muschamp is genuinely funny in a way that Cal rarely is and 3) Muschamp tried to keep up the illusion for more than five seconds, 4) while also kinda, sorta trying to get out of his call-in show duties, which makes this hilarious.

It's no secret around these parts that I really like Muschamp as a person, maybe even more than I do as a coach. Little moments like this — the moments that show he's closer, at heart, to the grounded, wry Coach Taylor figure many thought he cut upon his hiring than the fiery guy he becomes on Saturday or the befuddled bumbler some think he is — tend to back up my read on him.

I hope he gets to make many more of these moments at Florida.