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Florida 36, Kentucky 30: That just happened

Florida needed three overtimes to beat Kentucky.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Florida beat Kentucky, 36-30, on Saturday night.

It took three overtimes. It took a record night from Demarcus Robinson. It took every bit of Matt Jones's heart. It took time stopping. It took over 500 yards of offense to compensate for more than 400 from Kentucky — Kentucky. It took Jeff Driskel being improbably great after being impossibly bad. It took a defense that was unassailable getting aerated and stepping up again. It took us to some of our darkest fears and our worries about the darkest timelines. It took place over almost five seemingly endless hours in the first night game in The Swamp in almost a year.

It took years off our lives. It gave Will Muschamp hope of another week.

"We won the game, and that's the bottom line," Muschamp told the SEC Network's Maria Taylor after the game.

"We came out with the win," Jeff Driskel said.

And though they're not wrong ... it kind of feels like it.