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Kurt Roper and his wife joke about homeliness of sports reporters, are probably right

Florida's offensive coordinator and his wife think sports reporters are homely. YEAH BUT WELL UH COME ON rats.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kurt Roper's meetings with the media have been generally compelling affairs since he became Florida's offensive coordinator in December 2013. He's a funny, gregarious guy, and he has story after story to tell — it's a welcome change from the less loquacious Brent Pease, who was also, it should be noted, having to answer for a less effective offense.

Roper's sense of humor is also great, as he proved again Tuesday.

But it turns out that his wife's sense of humor might actually be better:

Kurt Roper has been married to the former Britt Albertson for over a decade, and Albertson Roper has worked as a sports anchor and as a PR person for Mississippi (while Roper served as David Cutcliffe's offensive coordinator in Oxford), according to this 2003 article.

And while I don't like publicly commenting on ladies' looks, as one of the many homely sportswriters on Earth, I feel pretty comfortable agreeing with Mrs. Roper's point.