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Video: Florida vs. Kentucky, The Gator Rewind

GatorVision just keeps topping itself.

Usually I'd FanShot something like this, but this video is so incredibly well-done that it deserves the page-width placement.

Things I loved:

  • The great shot of Will Muschamp looking up at the sky prior to the game.
  • The fantastic shot of Florida running out of the tunnel with fireworks going off.
  • The font on the text overlay for the coin flip. (Use that, you guys.)
  • D.J. Durkin jumping ALL over Brian Poole after his pick.
  • The slow-mo video of Demarcus Robinson's deflected catch, because there is some Nelson Muntz in me.
  • Field-level video of Poole's tip for Keanu Neal's first pick.
  • Jeff Driskel going from disbelief to "Damn!" real quick.
  • The field-level shot of the student section for Kentucky's missed field goal in overtime.
  • Knowing how many slow-mo shots of a crowd celebrating a win over to use without making it feel like dwelling.
  • Happy D-Rob!

GatorVision should keep doing this, and as much of it as it can. This stuff is superb.

And credit where due: