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The Kurt Roper Challenge, Week Four Standings: thekiltedwonder takes an early lead

It's time for the release of the first official standings for the 2014 Kurt Roper Challenge.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We're two games into the season (sorry there wasn't an update last week) and so far we know a couple of things: the Gators' offense is much improved and Jeff Driskel is still Jeff Driskel, for better or worse.

But that's beside the point of this post and I'm sure will beat that topic to death throughout the season anyway. For now, let's just talk offensive yardage. Specifically the yards gained in the first two games of the Gators' season. I feel obliged to point out that we're going to be using GatorZone's stats provided in their official box scores for the numbers.

Against Eastern Michigan, the Gators racked up 655 yards of offense in their 65-0 victory. In their second game the Gators managed to gain 532 yards of offense in their 36-30 triple overtime victory over the Kentucky Wildcats. On the issue of the 72 yards the Gators gained in the overtime periods, we'll go ahead and count them because they count towards the official regular season numbers.

We will not count any post season numbers in this challenge because post season numbers should never count towards season or career numbers.

For now though:

Username Dollars Per Yard
wtUF $1
thekiltedwonder $99.99
Quarterback McFootball $103
AgriGator $103.09
IronBrendan $105.93
Dawgs013 $108.23
OaklandGator $108.70
Aristocrat Gator $111.11
GatorJay $112
mfgator79 $115.39
ScattyLight $115.84
JB Gator $116.01
Swamp Thwomp $116.96
CanWeBeMature $117.65
Gator Mike $118.76
CAeveryday $119.05
Gatorgirl22 $119.36
Chekov's Spread Gun Option $119.62
Gatornoggin $120
Catscradle $120.19
Emptyspiral19 $120.48
g8rs427 $120.70
thelitagator $121.36
Zach H $121.95
Mogator $122
Master Oogway $122.22
Charles UF $123
Mad Man with a Box $123.45
GatorEnginerd $123.46
GatorJustin $125
Gators $125.55
DaGata $126.23
DaveDaGator $126.26
skigator $127.44
whambam $127.55
The Commentator Formally Known as Not You $128.20
leligator $128.53
Jon Heist $129.20
evandagator $130.23
thomas.nassiff $130.90
gatordpt $131.23
trinidude $131.58
JSN $132.16
BDoc $133.02
gatorempire127 $133.04
CKGator $135
Boozy McHound $138.12
davidkeneddy5250 $140.84
HokieDawg $142.86
Neil Shulman $147.06

So far, the Gators' total offense has tallied 1,187 yards of offense through the two games they've played. That works out 593.50 yards per game average.

Since we're all playing on an eleven game even playing field (though I'm open to the discussion of adding in another game of their average to make it an even twelve games, but that's up to y'all) it looks like this so far:

593.50 x 11 = 6,528.50. 600,000 ÷ 6,528.50 = $91.90

Using that formula, Kurt Roper is currently on pace to earn almost $92 per yard the Gators offense gains this year. That also means that thekiltedwonder is currently leading the standings.

As always, if you think your guess is wrong or that I've missed it, let me know.