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Florida vs. Alabama: Here's another incredible hype video

It is possible, and maybe probable, that Florida's video guys are way, way better than we expected.

I realize I've been posting a fair few videos from GatorVision of late. I don't care: They're important in a way that I don't think we talk about enough.

I have seen, in the last three years, especially, a fair bit of grousing about Florida from middle-aged fans about how modern things have gotten. They don't like the new number font on the uniforms, or hashtags painted on The Swamp, or the removal of the block F from midfield, or the willingness to wear blue tops and orange pants or orange tops at all. It's all too new, too modern, too much. Great, I say: Those fans are entitled to their opinions.

But they have fewer years left on this Earth to be consumers of Florida athletics than the younger fans — the ones drifting away from the huge yearly donations, caravans to Gainesville for tailgating, and interest in being Bull Gators. Students still in school love these videos, both because they are much, much cooler than what had been previously produced — stuff that largely left holes for amateur clip-makers to fill — and because they play to a generation that needs everything now, and preferably on their phones.

They will rewatch these things. They love them. They are the market, and always will be: College sports are about capturing 60-year customers. (Why do you think you see so many life insurance commercials during college football and basketball games?)

Remember last year, when Florida's video production crew accidentally threw a shot of that Gator-on-Gator block into their "highlights" from the Georgia Southern game?

Me either.

And that's kind of the point.

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