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2014 SEC Power Poll, Week 2: Florida slots in at No. 10

Florida's unexpected bye week left the Gators without a real first impression.

Rob Foldy

The first SEC Power Poll of 2014 is out, and it has the Florida Gators checking in at No. 10.

Florida finished with 62 points, or an average of 5.64 per voter, and the Gators finished behind No. 9 Missouri and ahead of No. 11 Tennessee.

The editorial commentary on Florida is about what you'd expect:

Dear Jeremy Foley: This is God's way of giving you one more chance to can Will Muschamp before your season starts. Do not ignore the signs!--Dawg Sports


Still scoreless in 2014.--Georgia Sports Blog

Har dee har. Har.

Then again, Georgia fans have plenty of reason to be feeling their oats: Dominating a weaker Clemson team in the second half after allowing the Tigers to take a 21-14 lead was impressive enough for the Dawgs to take the top spot in this week's poll ... and on my ballot.

Meanwhile, Vanderbilt, trounced at home by Temple, was voters' unanimous last place team.