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Video: Will Muschamp, Jeremy Foley, Valdez Showers press conference after Florida-Idaho

Florida's AD, head coach, and "star playmaker" all met with the media on Monday.

Didn't get a chance to throw this up Monday, so here you go: Florida's first "postgame" press conference of 2014, led off by Jeremy Foley discussing the circumstances of Florida's opener being cancelled and the prospect of rescheduling the game, continued by Will Muschamp, and finished by Valdez Showers.

The quick bits for those of you who didn't or won't get a chance to watch just yet:

  • Foley is basically saying that there are a lot of moving parts to figure out, and that we should expect a decision by Wednesday "at the latest."
  • Jarrad Davis won Florida's Hard Hat Award (yes, really!) for a nice block on that opening kickoff return.
  • Florida's three suspended players will be back for Eastern Michigan, which you know.
  • Muschamp's never seen something quite like Saturday night, but fan support was incredible.
  • Florida's first playcall would've been "one-back power to the tight end side" with a "quick game" — a pass option — built in off of it.
  • Valdez Showers, a Michigan native, has played in worse weather ... but this was too slick a field to cut back on, he notes.
  • Showers didn't think about lateraling the ball to Andre Debose.
  • Showers still has a killer mustache.