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Tim Tebow talks about Jameis Winston's responsibility as a role model

Interesting to hear one leader talk about another like this.

Jeff Gross

With Jameis Winston's seemingly endless string of spotty judgments coming to head with his suspension for Florida State's game against Clemson this Saturday, many, many fans are wondering about how Winston is meeting or failing his responsibilities.

So ESPN turned to someone else who knows a little bit about winning the Heisman Trophy and a national championship, SEC Network analyst Tim Tebow, and posed him this question: "What responsibility does he bear, being the face of his team?"

Tebow's response:

"Well, I have two sisters, and a mom, and what was said just isn't okay. My hope, and my prayer, for Jameis, is that he can find wise counsel, and that he can find people that will invest in him and invest in his life, so, um, you know, he has something to live for that's more important than just the moment. Because when you live for the moment, the moment will always let you down in silly situations like he's been in in the past.

And this kid has so many attributes that could be used for positive. His leadership — whether that's good, whether he leads people in a good direction or a bad direction — he's a big-time leader. His attributes of his infectious personality — y'know, people rally around him. That could be used, y'know, for good things or bad things. And my hope and prayer is that people will come around him to support him, and the thousands of kids that are looking up to him that are FSU fans — and him, y'know, being the past Heisman Trophy winner, and a national championship quarterback, I know there's a lot of kids looking up to him.

And I hope he can see that and understand that, that these kids are gonna watch him, and they're gonna follow him, and it's his responsibility to lead them in a good direction, and that's my prayer for him."

ESPN hired Tebow to analyze football, but it almost certainly crossed Bristol's mind tht Tebow would be poised to deliver these sorts of morals from time to time. I think he did a fairly good job with this one.