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Florida vs. Alabama, The Postgame Vent: Get it all out, Gators


Kevin C. Cox

Alabama beat the hell out of Florida this afternoon. You need to vent. I know. The Postgame Vent is meant for that.

The rules of the Postgame Vent:

  • Don't wish harm on anyone. This shouldn't really have to be explicitly stated, but, well, you and I both watched Jeff Driskel play today.
  • Discussing ideas is a much better idea than discussing people. We're all frustrated. We're all on edge. If your interaction with other people devolves into ad hominems, I'll still warn and ban you.
  • Get it all out. All of it. Say what you want without violating the above two rules, and you will probably feel better.

For my part, here's a paragraph of frustration.

Jeff Driskel is just not good enough to be good consistently against good defenses, it seems. Florida's offense doesn't help him out on the edges as much as it should, either. And Florida didn't do a good enough job of sustaining drives, which contributed to the back end of a hideous defensive performance. Florida's secondary was abysmal in the first half, and didn't get a lot better; Florida's front seven got pushed around in the second half. Kyle Christy's level of competence is so much better than everyone else's, it seems — and that's so, so sad.