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Demarcus Robinson had a fun afternoon on Twitter

Florida's stud wide receiver had Gators fans scratching their heads.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

If you wanted dissension in the ranks at Florida, you got a peek at something that may or may not actually be that on Sunday afternoon, thanks to Demarcus Robinson and Twitter.

Robinson retweeted that pro-change tweet — three different people sent it to me, but only Jonathan got it with D-Rob's full Twitter profile, distinguishing it from the multiple fake ones — before almost immediately deleting the retweet, and retweeting this:

Robinson later tweeted a message of his own:

While I get that Robinson might genuinely be frustrated with Jeff Driskel right now — even Driskel is probably frustrated with Jeff Driskel right now — I'm kinda skeptical that D-Rob wants the guy who just one week ago threw him a zillion passes against Kentucky benched in actuality. And I buy Robinson buttering up all of his QBs and trying to smooth things over more than I buy him trying to start shit.

If nothing else, though, this is an indicator that everyone is on edge in regards to Driskel — and, by extension, Florida — right now. Losing sucks.