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Florida vs. Kentucky: Gators won't wear orange uniforms after all

The Gators were going to be throwing it back for their SEC opener, per our friends at Uniform Nation, but Florida will be wearing blue and white tonight against Kentucky.

Al Messerschmidt

Update, 9:20 a.m. Saturday: Only Gators' Adam Silverstein, usually very much on point with Florida's uniforms, reports that the Gators are actually going with their traditional blue tops and white pants tonight.

Update, 10:10 a.m. Saturday: Uniform Nation's since explained its reporting.

Original post follows.

Florida wears blue. Kentucky wears blue. But Florida wears orange, too — so there's something unusual for the Gators to do on Saturday against the Wildcats. And according to SB Nation's Uniform Nation, the Gators will wear orange jersey tops as part of their uniforms against Kentucky.

Florida's worn orange jerseys three times since 2005:

  • In the 33-29 loss to LSU in 2010 depicted above
  • In the 41-3 win over Florida Atlantic that doubled as the opener of the Will Muschamp era in 2011
  • And in the 27-20 win over Louisiana in Florida's 2012 Homecoming game

Florida doesn't keep official records of uniform selection going back beyond 2005, but the Gators wore orange primary uniforms regularly prior to Steve Spurrier's arrival in Gainesville, with virtually all of Emmitt Smith's most memorable moments in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium coming in orange tops.

Florida might well give Kentucky quite a fright on Saturday night. Now, they will reportedly do so in shirts ready made for Halloween.