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Photos: Florida's new indoor practice facility is going to be very nice, per renderings

This isn't a dinky little field. But there are no waterfalls to be found, either.

In renderings released by GatorZone on Wednesday, Florida's new indoor practice facility looks, well, new.

The project, set to be handled by Birmingham-based Davis Architects — the same firm responsible for Florida's gorgeous gymnastics practice studio, and tasked with the renovation of the O'Connell Center — is depicted in three renderings produced by the firm and released by the University Athletic Association. And looks basically like what I'd expect a full-field indoor practice facility built under Jeremy Foley to look like: New, clean, and useful, rather than festooned with bells and whistles.

The facility, which is set to be constructed on the eastern segment of the Sanders Practice Fields, looks a lot like a field house, and will no doubt match the white-and-blue color schemes of the nearby O'Dome and McKethan Stadium, rather than getting gussied up in a stranger way.

There are no waterfalls here, in other words: It's just a field meant for football players to practice on, and it will assuredly get significant use come September, when it is projected to be completed.