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Jeff Driskel: "It was time to move on" despite Florida coaches trying to talk him into staying

Florida's new coaches tried to talk the former starter into staying for a redshirt senior season.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Though Florida coaches tried to talk him into staying for a redshirt senior season in Gainesville, Jeff Driskel decided to transfer from Florida to Louisiana Tech in part because "It was time to move on," he told FLORIDA TODAY reporter David Jones.

Jeff Driskel says Florida coaches tried to talk him into staying in Gainesville, saving the marriage, so to speak, for one final season.

Several other schools, he said, flirted, tried to talk him into looking at their programs, but in the end he said "it was best for me to move on."


"I don't look at this as a redemption tour," he insists. "I don't have any hard feelings leaving Florida. I think that I left on good terms with everybody. They didn't want to see me leave, but they understood where I was coming from. Things just didn't go right for me at the University of Florida, whether it was coaching changes or things of that nature. But I am excited to get to Louisiana Tech and I think my brightest days are ahead of me."

Hard though it may be for many Gators fans to believe — Driskel's play got him benched more than once in 2014, and demoted to the backup quarterback role behind freshman Treon Harris — it's very much logical that Florida's incoming coaching staff would rather have two quarterbacks with starting experience in 2015 than one.

But Driskel would almost certainly have been facing a quarterback competition with at least Harris, if not Harris and redshirt freshman Will Grier, and transferring gives him a much better shot at playing a season as an unquestioned starter than he would have had at Florida.

With dreams of pro football still on his mind ("But his goal remains to be an NFL quarterback," Jones writes), and a degree allowing for an instant-eligibility transfer in hand, Driskel was able to make a decision for himself, and did. And as mentioned before, I wish him the best of luck in seeing that decision through.