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Open thread: Time to decompress, Florida fans

I don't want to write anything more today. How do you feel?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Look: There's a lot going on in Florida sports. Will Grier is suspended for a year — unprecedented for Florida, as far as I know — because of something colossally stupid. Steve Spurrier retiring is the end of an era for perhaps the greatest Gator ever. And Dontay Bassett — I mean, dude, I'm gonna write about you, but you picked the worst possible day to commit to Florida.

And, frankly, I'm tired, man. Writing about something like Grier's suspension is something I try to do especially painstakingly. I've been working more than I'm used to and dealing with the fallout of two car accidents in just this month alone — I'm fine, physically, and so is the car, for the most part, after it took a little trip to the car hospital — and trying to juggle some logistics for other plans that fell through, and I kind of just need a night to spend doing my own things and recharging.

So: We'll be back at full speed tomorrow. Tonight, I'm taking off, and leaving the site to y'all. Feel free to discuss Grier, or Spurrier, or what Treon Harris is going to do, or Florida's incredible promise as a baseball team, or Bassett, or the relatively low profile of Mike White's Gators.

I'm gonna go play board games and maybe go to a trivia night.

Who knows? I'm so exciting.