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Video: Florida pays tribute to Steve Spurrier

"It looked different. It felt different. It was different."

This Florida-produced tribute to Steve Spurrier is good, if short, hitting most of the high notes of Spurrier's time as a Gator. And the length makes sense: I can't imagine that Florida won't go do something more for and with Spurrier now that he's no longer a rival coach, but seeing as he was one for a decade, it would be a little weird for the Gators to have a hagiography in the can, no?

But the really surprising thing is that, with Jeremy Foley and Danny Wuerffel quoted, the best quote about Spurrier comes not from his long-time boss or his best quarterback (or Spurrier himself), but from Cris Collinsworth, whose overlap with Spurrier covered just the 1978 season — when Spurrier, then Florida's quarterbacks coach, moved him from quarterback to wide receiver.

Steve Spurrier played the game and coached the game with that childlike imagination. And so it looked different. It felt different. It was different.

So you sort of looked at it, and you marveled, sort of the way you marveled at Muhammad Ali, and how he could clown around, joke around, put on a show — and keep knocking guys out.

The Florida Gators were knockin' guys out, but they did it with a smile on their face, and they were laughin' and havin' fun.

I don't think I've ever heard Spurrier's Gators crystallized so perfectly.