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Florida vs. LSU: Reviewing our 25 predictions

This could have been a lot worse. But it wasn't good.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

I chose ... well, not poorly, but also not all that well.

  1. Florida will not score first.
    Wrong. To be fair, how was I to know LSU would muff a punt?
  2. The first score of the game will be a field goal.
    Wrong. To be fair, how was I to know Florida would get to Fourth and Gator?
  3. Neither team will lead by more than 20 in the first half.
    Right. Thanks, Treon Harris pass to Antonio Callaway.
  4. Treon Harris will not take every snap for Florida.
    Wrong. He took every snap.
  5. Harris will have at least 40 rushing yards.
    Wrong. He gained more than 40, but lost a bunch on sacks.
  6. Harris will throw for more than 175 yards.
    Right. 271! Not bad.
  7. Treon Harris will have a better completion percentage than Brandon Harris.
    Wrong. Prior to the fourth quarter, maybe.
  8. Both quarterbacks will throw an interception.
    Wrong. Neither did. So much for DBU, huh?
  9. Florida will average more than 4.5 yards per play on offense.
    Right. 5.2 yards per play for the Gators.
  10. A Florida tight end will make a touchdown catch.
    Right. Jake McGee had both TD receptions, in fact.
  11. Florida will not have a run of more than 30 yards on the night.
    Right. The longest Florida run was a 17-yard Treon Harris scamper.
  12. Florida will have at least five "explosive" plays on offense.
    Right. Three runs of more than 10 yards, four catches of more than 20 yards.
  13. LSU will hold Florida scoreless in at least one quarter.
    Right. The fourth. :(
  14. Florida will record two or more sacks.
    Wrong. How about none?
  15. Cece Jefferson will have a big play.
    Right. I'm gonna count his block on Kelvin Taylor's TD run, thanks.
  16. A defensive back will lead Florida in tackles.
    Right. Keanu Neal had 14.
  17. Florida will commit more than one turnover.
    Wrong. None.
  18. Jalen Tabor will record at least one interception.
    Wrong. He didn't even really get a chance.
  19. Johnny Townsend will average better than 45 yards per punt.
    Wrong. 42.5 yards per punt ... including a 34-yarder to LSU's 1.
  20. Florida will make no more than one field goal.
    Right. Florida made zero.
  21. Florida will not gain more than 350 yards.
    Right. 326 yards.
  22. Florida will allow at least one play of 50 or more yards.
    Right. Two, in fact.
  23. LSU will not trail in the fourth quarter.
    Right. Sigh.
  24. Neither team will score more than 27 points.
    Wrong. Both did!
  25. LSU will win, 23-17.
    Wrong. But I almost nailed the margin!

Last Week:

13-for-25, 52 percent.

Season to Date:

104-for-175, 59.4 percent.