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Florida moves up to No. 3 in SEC Power Poll despite loss at LSU

More fuel for the "best loss ever" fire.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

After losing its first game of the year to LSU on Saturday, it was pretty much expected that Florida would fall in the various national rankings.

That's not what happened in this week's SEC Power Poll.

Not only did the Gators not fall, they actually moved up this week, rising from No. 4 to No. 3 after their 35-28 defeat in Death Valley. Granted, that probably has far more to do with Texas A&M falling from No. 3 after a more dismal showing against Alabama, but still: Florida lost and actually gained some esteem from the SEC Power Poll voters. (And no, I still haven't voted yet this year. "Maybe next week!" he said to himself.)

Here's the full table for that Week 7 SEC Power Poll.

Team (First-place votes) Points Change Standard Deviation
1 Alabama Crimson Tide (7) 150 -- 0.505
2 LSU Tigers (4) 146.5 -- 0.505
3 Florida Gators 130 +1 0.405
4 Texas A&M Aggies 121.5 -1 0.831
5 Mississippi St. Bulldogs 105 +1 1.128
6 Ole Miss Rebels 95 -1 1.748
7 Georgia Bulldogs 84 -- 1.120
8 Tennessee Volunteers 80 -- 1.421
9 Arkansas Razorbacks 67 -- 1.446
10 Auburn Tigers 57 +2 1.471
11 Kentucky Wildcats 49 -2 0.820
12 Missouri Tigers 37 -1 0.674
13 South Carolina Gamecocks 22 +1 0.000
14 Vanderbilt Commodores 11 -1 0.000

And here's what voters said about the Gators:

Florida Gators

Florida and Jim McElwain deserve all the credit in thw world going into LSU and coming with a seven point loss considering all of the turmoil they faced last week. McElwain is proving that he belongs in the SEC.---A Sea of Blue

Don't get down, Gator fans. Les was on a heater, there aren't many teams capable of beating him when he's that hot. I mean, how could you have known that LSU's kicker was capable of OUTRUNNING VERNON HARGREAVES.---Rock M Nation

The Gators held their own on a Saturday night in Baton Rouge down a starting quarterback; there's a lot to be said about that.---Arkansas Fight