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Chomping at Bits: On Geoff Collins being a candidate for the UCF job

This is how the game is played.

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Geoff Collins could get "close look" from UCF: On Monday, in the wake of George O'Leary's sudden retirement on Sunday, Fox Sports' Bruce Feldman proposed one of the more obvious picks to succeed him: Florida defensive coordinator Geoff Collins.

Collins is young, has spent time coaching in Florida, and has connections to O'Leary — he worked at UCF in 2008-09, and previously worked under O'Leary at Georgia Tech. He's also considered one of the up-and-comers in college coaching. But he'd also be a first-time head coach, and hasn't been part of O'Leary's orbit this decade.

And any story about or mention of his interest or UCF's at this point is less about Collins, who will probably have some interest in one of the rare jobs as head coach of a team in Florida, and more about how this all works: Truly excellent college football head coaches are rare commodities, and schools covet them so desperately that they will pay millions upon millions to hire them — or, in O'Leary's case, millions to hire one, and then hundreds of thousands more as nothing but a golden parachute after he depart, even though he's been found partly responsible for a human being's death.

Is that fair? No. But this is what happens in a billion-dollar business with million-dollar transactions: Of course there's a bustling market for their services, and of course there's a market for coverage of all that. Some of that reporting requires talking to athletic department personnel. Some of it requires floating rumors and hints from agents. Some of it requires not passing on information at the moment it is learned, so as to improve lines of communication. Plenty of it requires heeding the wishes and motivations of rich adults, rather than the wishes and motivations of the players who receive a fraction of those adults' compensation.

Do you have to like it? No. But such are the pains of success: If Florida was 4-3, Collins wouldn't be a candidate for anything.

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