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Florida vs. Mississippi: 25 predictions for another night showdown in The Swamp

Florida's winning ways may end here.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Get ready to be disappointed.

  1. Mississippi will score first.
  2. Only one team will score in the first quarter.
  3. Neither team will lead by more than 17 in the first half.
  4. One team will lead by double digits at some point in the game.
  5. Will Grier will not throw every pass for Florida.
  6. Grier will throw for more than 200 yards.
  7. Mississippi's Chad Kelly will throw for more yardage than Grier..
  8. Grier will throw an interception.
  9. Florida will average under five yards per play on offense.
  10. (Eh. Screw it.) Demarcus Robinson will make a touchdown catch.
  11. A Florida player will have a carry for more than 33 yards.
  12. Florida will have more than six plays of 15 or more yards on offense.
  13. Robert Nkemdiche will have at least one sack.
  14. Florida will record no more than three sacks.
  15. Jonathan Bullard will have no more than two combined sacks and tackles for loss.
  16. A defensive back will lead Florida in tackles.
  17. Florida will commit multiple turnovers.
  18. Florida will record at least one interception on defense.
  19. Johnny Townsend will average better than 45 yards per punt.
  20. Florida will make a field goal.
  21. Florida will not gain more than 400 yards.
  22. Florida will allow at least two plays of more than 50 yards.
  23. Florida will trail in the second half.
  24. Neither team will score more than 35 points.
  25. Mississippi will win, 34-21.

Last Week:

16-for-25, 64 percent.

Season to Date:

64-for-100, 64 percent.