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Florida vs. Mississippi: Eight great reactions to the Gators' blowout win

It was hard to limit it to eight.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I overuse the word seismic. But Florida's win over Mississippi was "of enormous proportions or effect" — and Gator Nation, starved for wins as emphatic and satisfying since the beginning of the 2010s, reacted to this one with deserved exuberance.

Here are the 10 best reactions, in no particular order.

Elo and Ease sing "We Are the Boys"

From Elam's private Instagram, this is my favorite rendition of one of my favorite songs.


You may have missed it late Friday, but Lil B, the Berkeley rapper, Twitter savant, and hexer of Kevin Durant, followed @UF, then responded to a public thank-you and an invitation to a game from the account.

"TYBG" is Internet short-hand for "Thank You, Based God," and even though we're more than five years from B's most notable peak as artist, last night produced a tweet from Florida's official social media account — in perfect Internetese — thanking an eccentric rapper for his blessing.

I would like to go back to 2009 and read that to myself. My head would Scanners itself.

Speaking of!

Head asplode

@UF had a good Twitter night.

Young #7

Who better to bless the Gators' current No. 7 than the Gators' best one? Also, Danny got Grier's handle right and bumped him up from "new #7" this time.

Sacrifices must be made

At least it was only the Double Stufs?

A blessed effort

Emmitt seeks clarification

Hysterical. Also, Florida laxer Mollie Stevens snagged an awesome selfie of her team and Emmitt. Everyone's so happy!

Played for Jay

If you have a Twitter account, you've probably seen the story of young Florida fan Jay Ryon, who is battling medical issues including cancer but rooting on his Gators as he goes. Florida's Joshua Grady made sure Jay wasn't forgotten on Saturday night.

It was appreciated.