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Poll vaulting: Where should Florida be ranked in the Week 6 college football rankings?

How high should the Gators climb?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There was a fair bit of chaos among college football's top 25 teams this weekend, the most chaotic moment coming when No. 25 Florida easily dispatched No. 3 Ole Miss.

Elsewhere, we saw No. 1 Ohio State and No. 2 Michigan State both struggle with their far-inferior Big Ten opponents, we saw No. 12 Clemson take down No. 6 Notre Dame, No. 7 UCLA fell to unranked Arizona State, No. 13 Alabama beat No. 8 Georgia, and then- you get the point.

The point is, many ranked teams were dealt losses in Week 5, which leaves Florida in an interesting position. The Gators are now 5-0, with their marquee wins being Ole Miss, Tennessee, and Kentucky. After being the third ranked team in the country, how high should the Gators climb in the polls?

We've already seen teams make dramatic leaps already this season. Perhaps most relevantly to Florida, Michigan went from receiving exactly zero votes, to a No. 22 ranking upon defeating No. 22 BYU. With that being said, having already been ranked No. 25, and having just beaten the No. 3 team, how high do you think the Gators should climb in this week's polls?