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Florida vs. Missouri: Tigers QB Maty Mauk to remain suspended through Saturday

One of Florida's recent tormentors won't vex the Gators on Saturday.

Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Missouri quarterback Maty Mauk's suspension will continue through Saturday's game against Florida, according to multiple reports, including one from SB Nation's Rock M Nation.

This is seemingly good news for Florida. Gators fans may recall Mauk from such films as Florida-Missouri 2013: Who The Hell Is This Mauk Kid And Why Am I Bleeding? and Florida-Missouri 2014: This Mauk Kid Isn't Very Good AND WHY AM I STILL BLEEDING?. Mauk threw for 295 yards and a touchdown in Missouri's 36-17 win over Florida in 2013, and though he completed just six of 18 passes for a paltry 20 yards against the Gators in Missouri's 42-13 blowout in 2014, as the Tigers' defense and special teams ruled the day, he was also Missouri's leading rusher, tallying 38 yards on the ground, and converted a back-breaking third and 17 with the Tigers' longest play, a 19-yard run.

But, Mauk's unusually good performances against Florida aside, he's been erratic, and was on the verge of being benched for true freshman Drew Lock even before this suspension. His suspension continuing means that Florida's only preparing for Lock this weekend, but Lock played well in his first start last Saturday against South Carolina, throwing for 136 yards and two touchdowns while completing 21 of 28 passes.