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Poll vaulting: Where should Florida be ranked in the Week 9 college football rankings?

Will the Gators rise after defeating Georgia?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Florida defeated Georgia to add another win to its record on Saturday, and while beating Georgia isn't quite the accomplishment that it sounds like based on reputation, it was still an important win. However, while this win gives the Gators a clear path to the SEC Championship Game, it may not do much of anything for them in the polls this week.

Aside from Florida, 14 of the 18 top 25 teams in action this weekend came away victorious, and one of the teams on that list to lose was No. 21 Temple, who fell to No. 9 Notre Dame. The Owls were the highest-ranked team to lose on Saturday.

What this means for the Gators, is that despite taking down Georgia, there is a decent chance they don't move in the polls this week. However, it's possible to make a case for them being bumped up a spot or two.

No. 8 Stanford only escaped Pullman with a win over Washington State thanks to a last-second missed field goal. Notre Dame was only able to defeat Temple by four points. Most other members of the top 10 weren't even in action. Are any of those factors enough to push the Gators inside the top ten?

What do you think? Will the general normalcy of Week 9 inside the top 25 keep the Gators where they are, or will they move up in the polls?