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College football rankings: Florida sticks at No. 11 in AP Poll, No. 12 in Coaches Poll

The Gators stay put after a dominating victory.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off their win over the Georgia Bulldogs, the Florida Gators are standing firm with their No. 12 ranking in the Coaches Poll and No. 11 ranking in the AP Poll.

Everyone inside the Coaches Poll top 20 teams in the country won their game or was on a bye this week, so the lack of movement in the rankings is unsurprising. In fact, the only movement above No. 18 was the flip-flopping of Michigan State and Clemson.

After falling to the Gators, Georgia dropped out of the poll entirely and did not receive any votes. The only remaining opponent on Florida's schedule to be ranked is Florida State, who comes in at No. 15.

In the AP Poll, we saw No. 8 Notre Dame and No. 9 Stanford flip positions. Florida State remained stagnant at No. 17.

Elsewhere in the SEC, LSU and Alabama are No. 4 and No. 7, respectively, heading into their showdown next weekend. Ole Miss stays put at No. 19, Texas A&M re-enters the poll at No. 24 and Mississippi State jumps up to No. 25.

The SEC was also well-represented in the AP Poll. LSU (No. 4), Alabama (No. 7), Ole Miss (No. 19), Mississippi State (No. 24) and Texas A&M (No. 25) all appear in the poll.

You can view the full Coaches Poll here, and the full AP Poll here.

AP Coaches
1 Ohio State (39) Ohio State (48)
2 Baylor (6) Baylor (9)
3 Clemson (6) TCU (4)
4 LSU (5) LSU (1)
5 TCU (4) Clemson (2)
6 Michigan State Michigan State
7 Alabama (1) Alabama
8 Notre Dame Stanford
9 Stanford Notre Dame
10 Iowa Oklahoma State
11 Florida Iowa
12 Oklahoma State Florida
13 Utah Oklahoma
14 Oklahoma Utah
15 Memphis Florida State
16 Michigan Memphis
17 Florida State Michigan
18 Houston Houston
19 Ole Miss Ole Miss
20 Toledo Toledo
21 North Carolina North Carolina
23 Temple Temple
24 Mississippi State Texas A&M
25 Texas A&M Mississippi State