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Won for Jay: The Gators clinched the SEC East with their biggest fan on hand

The incredible story of Jay Ryon continues.

You know about Jay. His incredible fight with cancer (THAT HE'S WINNING) has captured the attention of the team, and of Gator fans everywhere. He has truly become an inspiration to everyone who has seen or heard his story.

Last weekend, Jay got to travel to Gainesville to see the Gators officially clinch their SEC East title. And when you see how he lights up to see basically everything involved in that process, well, who cares that the game left a lot of be desired on the field? All that matters to Jay and his family is that this incredibly strong and brave little boy got to see his favorite coach, favorite player and favorite team celebrate a win.

Sometimes, football is more than just a game.

Visit the Team Jay Facebook page to get continual updates on Jay and how he's doing, and visit his GoFundMe page to help donate to his cause.