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Florida vs. South Carolina, Game Thread: Don't hit snooze

We can afford to sleep in. But we have to hope the Gators don't.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

These noon games are pain.

Florida playing before 3:30 p.m. — as it will at noon on ESPN or WatchESPN this Saturday — means my morning is either devoted to putting together all the posts for a given game (most Saturdays) or feeling guilty about not being able to do more (today!), and neither one of those is fun.

It's also hard to get up for a noon game in which literally nothing of importance but College Football Playoff positioning — or, y'know, Florida's remote chance at making a Playoff it has an even smaller chance of winning — is at stake. If Florida wins today, great. If Florida loses? It's also not nearly the end of the world.

And South Carolina's not, like, all that good. So we're stuck in limbo, hoping the Gators don't play poorly, but also realizing that playing poorly might not guarantee a loss — similar to how things were last week against Vanderbilt, when the Gators played poorly and still won the SEC East.

It's such a First World problem to say "Oh, hey, my team is so good that it has accomplished its goals and made certain games on its schedule perfunctory." That's where we are, though.

So I get to watch this one like the rest of you: While waking up slowly on a snoozy Saturday.

And we just get to hope the Gators don't sleepwalk.

Once again, just five predictions; once again, I'm trying to nail all five.

  1. Florida will score in the first quarter.
  2. Florida will rush for more than 185 yards.
  3. Treon Harris will run for at least 50 yards.
  4. A Florida defensive back will make an interception.
  5. Florida will win by double figures.