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Poll vaulting: Where should Florida be ranked in the Week 11 college football rankings?

Could the Gators be in for a bump in the polls?

Quincy Wilson is doing what he can to help Florida "jump" up in the rankings.
Quincy Wilson is doing what he can to help Florida "jump" up in the rankings.
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off their Saturday victory over South Carolina, could the Florida Gators be primed to jump back inside the top ten?

It would certainly seem as if the stars have aligned for such a jump to occur. Aside from their own win (their 700th in program history, in fact), many of the teams sitting just above the Gators faltered in college football's week 11.

True freshman quarterback Jarett Stidham and No. 6 Baylor couldn't overcome No. 12 Oklahoma, as the Sooners rolled to a ten-point victory. It's possible the Bears drop down below the Gators, considering their outlook without star signal-caller, Seth Russell.

Unranked Oregon shot down No. 7 Stanford's playoff aspirations as the Cardinal's last second two-point-conversion try fell incomplete. The "We Don't Wake Up Until November" Arkansas Razorbacks pulled off a dominating win over the No. 9 LSU Tigers. Finally, the No. 10 Utah Utes were the latest top ten victim for Rich Rodriguez and the Arizona Wildcats, who were victorious in the double overtime effort.

It's not all clear for Florida, as the Oklahoma Sooners are due for what could be a huge bump in the polls, but there arguably aren't any other teams that have the resume to move ahead of the Gators. Could we see Florida jump as high as No. 7 this week?