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Florida vs. FAU, Friday Forecast: Predicting the score of Gators-Owls

Florida's dominated FAU to date. Will that change on Saturday?

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, it's Friday Forecast o'clock, this time for Florida's game against Florida Atlantic on Saturday. As always, we're using a custom widget provided by The Crowd's Line, and participating is simple: Enter your final score in the widget, and it will tally up all the scores to show you how the world, Florida fans, and South Carolina fans are feeling about this game.

And in case you need some help making a prediction, here are five facts about the two teams, presented with no guarantees of actual value:

  • Florida Atlantic is 2-8, with its wins coming over Charlotte, a first-year FBS program ranked No. 193 among Division I programs by Jeff Sagarin, and Florida International, ranked No. 126. The Owls themselves are No. 141. Florida is No. 10.
  • The Owls rank No. 105 nationally in scoring offense, putting up 22.3 points per game, and have scored more than 20 points just three times in 2015.
  • Seven of FAU's 10 games this year have been against teams with a record of .500 or worse. In their three games against winning teams, the Owls have scored 18.7 points per game, and given up 37.3.
  • Florida's scored 30.3 points per game against winning teams, and given up just 18.8 points per game over those contests.
  • Florida has played FAU twice in its history, and the composite score of those two games is 100-23.