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Poll vaulting: Where will Florida be ranked in the week 13 college football rankings?

How far will the Gators drop?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that the AP and Coaches Polls will finally get the chance to do something they've been itching to do for some time - drop the Florida Gators in the polls.

Before we dive into specifics, let's take a snapshot look at the top-25's week 13 results.

Rank Team Result
1 Clemson W - South Carolina
2 Alabama W - Auburn
3 Oklahoma W - No. 11 Oklahoma State
4 Iowa W - Nebraska
5 Michigan State W - Penn State
6 Notre Dame L - No. 9 Stanford
7 Baylor L - No.19 TCU
8 Ohio State W - No. 10 Michigan
9 Stanford W - No. 6 Notre Dame
10 Michigan L - No. 8 Ohio State
11 Oklahoma State L - No. 3 Oklahoma
12 Florida L - No. 13 Florida State
13 Florida State W - No. 12 Florida
14 North Carolina W - NC State
15 Navy L - Houston
16 Northwestern W - Illinois
17 Oregon W - Oregon State
18 Ole Miss W - No. 21 Mississippi State
19 TCU W - No. 7 Baylor
20 Washington State L - Washington
21 Mississippi State L - No. 18 Ole Miss
23 Utah W - Colorado
24 Toledo L - Western Michigan
25 Temple W - UConn

Now, these are the current College Football Playoff rankings, not the AP or Coaches Poll rankings, but they still illustrate the point that the Gators could be in for a big drop. They're likely going to stay below Baylor, Oklahoma State and Notre Dame, and possibly Michigan, as well. They're also probably going to be jumped by Florida State, North Carolina, and possibly even Northwestern, Oregon or Ole Miss.

The bottom line, is that it's probably not going to be a great day in the polls for the Gators. Where do you think Florida will end up in today's college football polls?