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Florida vs. Vanderbilt, Friday Forecast: Predicting Gators-'Dores with The Crowd's Line

It's back. And on a Friday, too!

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It's been three full weeks since our last score prediction post, and a full four since I last remembered to put said post up as the Friday Forecast, but I'm so on top of things this week, you don't even know. (What? What exhibition game?)

So here's that Friday Forecast for Florida's Saturday tussle with Vanderbilt in The Swamp, powered by The Crowd's Line. As always, participating is simple: Just plug in your final score in the widget, and it will tally up all the scores to show you how the world, Florida fans, and Vanderbilt fans are feeling about this game.

In case you need some help making a prediction, here are four facts about the two teams, presented with no guarantees of actual value:

  • Vanderbilt's Ralph Webb has 694 rushing yards on the year, which accounts for nearly a quarter of the Commodores' 2,884 yards of total offense in 2015.
  • Webb, however, is one of two running backs in the SEC to have tallied more than 300 rushing yards and posted under 4.0 yards per carry.
  • The other SEC running back in that category? Florida's Kelvin Taylor, who has 584 rushing yards on 3.79 yards per carry.
  • Taylor, however, has been much more effective near the goal line. He has 10 rushing touchdowns on the year, good for fifth in the SEC. Webb has four.
  • Over a 14-game season, Taylor is on pace for 17 rushing touchdowns, which would be second in Florida history in a single season to Tim Tebow's absurd 23 in 2007, and, consequently, set the record for rushing touchdowns by a Gators running back. That record is currently held by Emmitt Smith, who had 14 in 1989; the only Florida running back to score more than 10 rushing touchdowns since then was Fred Taylor, who had 13 in 1997.