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Sunday open thread: Which Gators will continue their NFL playoffs push?

Three punched their tickets on Saturday night.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday night, Jordan Reed caught six passes for 129 yards and two touchdowns to help Washington secure a 38-24 win over the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFC East title. And that means another one of the NFL's five teams with three Florida Gators will be in the playoffs.

The rest of the current playoff picture is also fairly kind to Florida products, especially in the AFC. Five of the six AFC teams currently in line for playoff participation have at least one Gator (the Houston Texans are the exception), and four of the five have at least two. That's far more than the two already playoff-bound NFC teams (Arizona and Washington) that have Florida alumni on their rosters, though Washington joins Denver and Pittsburgh as a third team with a trio of Gators and a decent shot at the Super Bowl.

The most important games for getting more Gators into the playoffs will happen in Miami and Nashville. If Houston doesn't win the AFC South, a team with two Gators — either the Colts or Jaguars — will. The Colts could use a win over the Dolphins, another team with two Gators, and the Jaguars need to beat the Saints in New Orleans to stay alive; both teams will want the Texans to fall to the Titans to keep the AFC South as muddled as possible.

CBS has just one game today, and for many in Florida, that will mean Jaguars-Saints in the late window. The Fox double-header will begin with Bears-Buccaneers for most Floridians, with most of the nation getting Packers-Cardinals in the late window.

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